22 February 2013

mass intentions for the week ahead 24th February 2013

Saturday 23rd February
10am  - 6pm  Indian Community (Adoration Chapel)
Vigil Mass      6.30 pm  Mattie Duggan
Sunday 24th February  2nd Sunday of Lent
9.30 am        Intention free
11am            Kevin Cleary
12.15 pm     Vincent and Alacoque Scally, Ursula and James Scally
3.30 pm       Indian Community Mass
6.30 pm       Owen Sheppard

Monday 25th February
10am     Della Walsh (who died recently in Headford)
12 noon      First Confession  -  Scoil Bhride School, Shantalla
Tuesday 26th February
10am         For all the Sick
Wednesday 27th February
10am    Maria and Thomas Jackson
Thursday 28th February
10am       Intention free
Friday 1st March
10am       Intention free

Saturday 2nd March
Vigil Mass   6.30 pm   Peter and Bridget Coyne

Sunday 3rd March
11.00 am    Catherine Cooke   (Months Mind Mass)
12.15 pm    Mary Murphy
6.30 pm      Matthew Lougue   (Month Mind Mass