15 February 2013

Mass intentions for the week ahead 17th February 2013

Saturday 16th February
Vigil Mass   6.30 pm  John Robinson
Sunday 17th February  1st Sunday of Lent
9.30 am      Margaret Cooke
11am          1 .  Rita Boland and 2. Michael Tierney (John) and deceased members
                                                     of Tierney family.
12.15 pm   1.   Bridget O'Reilly and 2.  Colie Naughton   (1st Anv)
6.30 pm     Margaret Whelan

Monday 18th February
10am  Rose Sheehan and deceased members of Sheehan family
Tuesday 19th February
10am  For all the Sick
Wednesday 20th February
10am  Deceased members of Fahey and Gilmore families.
Thursday 21st February
10am     Intention free
Friday 22nd February
10am     Tom Sherlock

Saturday 23rd February
Vigil Mass    6.30 pm   Mattie Duggan
Sunday 24th February  2nd Sunday of Lent
9.30 am 
11am         Kevin Cleary
12.15 pm  Vincent and Alacoque, Ursula and James Scally
6.30pm     Owen Sheppard