8 February 2013

Mass intentions for the week ahead 10th February 2013

Saturday 9th February
Vigil Mass   6.30 pm  1.  Dorothy Rigard
                                 2.  Gabriel Murphy
Sunday 10th February
9.30 am         Intention free
11am             1.  Mary and Michael Kelly (Corrib Park)
                     2.  Michael Folan
12.15 pm      1.  Michael Dinnen and 2.  Nora Naughton
6.30 pm        Intention free

Monday 11th February
10am    Gerard McDonagh (birthday remembrance)
Tuesday 12th February
10am  1. For all the sick and 2.  Michael Maughan
Wednesday 13th February Ash Wednesday
10am            Christy O'Brien
7.30 pm        Intention free
Thursday 14th February
10am      1.  Colman Keane   2.  Mairtin Welby (who died recently in England, being buried today)
Friday 15th February
10am          Intention free

Saturday 16th February  
Vigil Mass     6.30 pm  John Robinson

Sunday 17th February   1st Sunday of Lent
9.30 am       Margaret Cooke
11am           1.  Rita Boland and 2.  Michael Tierney (John) and deceased  members
                                                      of Tierney family
12.15 pm    1.  Bridget O'Reilly and 2.  Colie Naughton
2.30   -   5.00 pm    Indian Community Mass
6.30 pm      Margaret Whelan.