17 April 2012

Sacred Heart Parish Pastoral Council

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council

Monsignor Malachy Hallinan, P.P. (President)
Matt Hurley (Chairman)
Fr Hugh Clifford, C.C.
Sr Catherine Regan (Parish Sister)
Eleanor Costello (Secretary of the Parish Pastoral Council)
Bernie Scally (Parish Secretary)
Maureen Trill
Bernie Moloney (Laurel Park)
Carmel Crawford
Frank Colohan
Bernie Moloney (Gaelcarrig Park)
Moira Byrne
Pauline Dolly
Joan O'Rourke
Also: Catherine Healy

Sacred Heart Parish Pastoral Council Constitution 

1. The Council shall be called Sacred Heart Parish Pastoral Council. 
2. The Council is a group of people which is representative of the parish community as a whole and whose purpose is the promotion of the mission of the Church in the Sacred Heart Parish Community. The Council is a consultative group whose function is to cooperate in designing ways and means by which the parish can best fulfill its mission of becoming a parish community which includes all who wish to belong, in which there is Christian care for each other and for the whole human family and which gathers to worship, to celebrate and nourish Christian life. 
3. The ordained priests and other pastoral staff shall be members of the Council in virtue of their offices and/or roles.  Parish representatives will be selected as follows.  The following parish groups will nominate a representative; Ministers of Holy Communion, Ministers of the Word, Adoration Group, Baptism Group, Prayer Groups, S.V.P., Collectors & Counters group, Altar Society, Finance group, Do This In Memory group, Indian Community, Child Protection, others.  The Parish Priest will approach the school to nominate someone to go forward onto the council. The Parish Priest shall be free to co-opt additional members from the parish community on to the Council to enhance its representative character, or because of their experience and/or expertise.
4. The Parish Priest shall be President of the Council.  The chairperson and secretary shall be elected by the Members.  [by a two-thirds majority] and shall remain in office for 3 years. Every member will be encouraged to be open to being selected as chairperson.
5. The term of the Council shall be 3 years. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms, but shall be eligible for membership subsequently.  Members failing to attend 3 consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation shall be deemed to have resigned.
6. The normal schedule of meetings shall be agreed annually.  The Parish Priest or his delegate shall preside at all meetings.  The chairperson and secretary of the Council are responsible for running the meetings and compiling the agenda. All members may contribute items.  The completed agenda will be circulated one week before the meeting. [Matters introduced under AOB should not be discussed at the current meeting but put on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting.]
7. The position of the Council on any issue is arrived at by consensus. [If a consensus is not arrived at the P.P. must take the decision]
8. The Parish Priest as president of the Council may convene and chair an extraordinary meeting should he consider it necessary.
9. This Constitution has been approved by Bishop Martin Drennan, Bishop of Galway on 21st June 2011.
10. The Constitution may be amended by the Council with the approval of the Bishop.