27 April 2012

Youth 2000 Retreat in Galway this Weekend

Youth 2000 is a movement of young people aged 18 to 35 years, living the Catholic faith with joy. Many have had their lives changed by Youth 2000 retreats. There will be a good chance to experience such a retreat in Galway this weekend, so here is the timetable so you can know what's going on. The retreat takes place in Moneenageisha Community College. See the poster with details on a previous post on this blog here.

Friday 27th April 2012
7.30 pm Registration
9.00 pm Welcome!!
9.15 pm Mass  & Rosary) - Fr. Robert McNamara

Saturday 28th April 2012
8.30 am Breakfast
9.30 am Prayer and Praise
10.00 am Talk 1: Jesus in the Eucharist- Fr. Eamonn O’Driscoll
10.45 am Share Groups
11.30 am Talk 2: Rosary
followed by talk on Our Lady - Fr. Nigel Woolen
12.30 pm Testimonies
1.00 pm Lunch

..games...chill...private reflection..
2.30 pm Workshops
1. Love and Relationships
2. Flunk the Friar with Fr Eamonn
3.30 pm Break
4.15 pm Mass - Fr. Fergal MacEoinin
6.00 pm Dinner
7.30 pm Talk 3: Reconciliation - Fr. Eamonn O’Driscoll
8.00 pm Reconciliation Service
10.00 pm Healing Service

Sunday 29th April 2012
8.30 am Breakfast
9.30 am Morning Programme
9.40 am Prayer and Praise
9.50 am Rosary
10.10 am Talk 4: Living the Christian Life - James Mahon
11.00 am Share Groups
11.30 am Talk 5: Scripture talk - Sean Rafter
12.10pm Break
12.30 pm Sunday Mass - Fr. Eamonn O’Driscoll
1.30 pm Lunch
2:30 pm Departure