28 April 2012

Parish Announcements for Sunday, April 29th 2012

Vocations Sunday

  • The special collection to fund the formation of our clerical students for the diocese takes place at all Masses today.
  • Next Friday, May 4th 2012 is the First Friday of the month and so Fr Malachy and Fr Hugh will visit those who are housebound due to illness or old age with Holy Communion. Please let us know if there is somebody who has become housebound and would like to be on our First Friday list.
  • The Easter offerings for the priests of the parish are being taken up during the Sundays of April and May, so please return them to the Church. Extra envelopes are available at the Church doors. Thank you for your contributions.
  • Please return Trocaire boxes to the Church by May 1st so that we can complete this year's collection.
  • We pray for those who have died recently:
Una Casserly, Laurel Park and Ballina, sister-in-law of Jim Casserly
David Nowaczyk, died in Afghanistan, nephew of Aileen Giles, Inishannagh Park,  
Maisie Heneghan, Castlereagh and Sligo, sister of Aileen Berreen, Laurel Park,
Michael Maye, Oakley Crescent, Highfield Park ,
Michael Niland, Henry Street and Reddington Road, Shantalla. His funeral Mass will be in the Claddagh Church, this Sunday, March 29th 2012 at 12 noon.