2 April 2012

New Backdrops for Tabernacle and Shrine

To mark the holding of the Eucharistic Congress in Ireland, Monsignor Malachy Hallinan P.P., in consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council, commissioned the artist Vicki Crowley to design and make new backdrops for the Tabernacle and the Shrine of Our Lady in Sacred Heart Church. They were installed in the Church last week.

Backdrop to Tabernacle

Description by the artist, Vicki Crowley:
'Marking the Eucharistic Congress in June 2012, seven painted canvases hang together forming the backdrop to the Tabernacle in the Sacred Heart Church, Westside, Galway.
The starting point chosen for the design was the words of Christ. "I am the bread of life," so therefore, the central focus on the main canvas is the Holy Eucharist. The white host is depicted surrounded by a radiating aura of life-giving energy and light which illuminate everything around it.
A stylized landscape runs across the three central panels. In the left panel, a woman stands as she extends her hands to receive God's grace through the Eucharist. The man in the right hand panel, who is in a similar pose, balances the design. The couple represents humankind, whereas the plants rising behind them, together with the green fields which extend across the panels, symbolise all growth on earth. The white doves that fly in the sky above indicate that God's grace is universal and as they swirl joyfully on high, their white feathers catch the golden light that emanates from the Central Host.
The lower panels depict bands of water which flow from left to right. Here we see some fish which not only represent life in the oceans and rivers, but also remind us that the early Christians used the fish as the symbol of Christianity.
All the colours used in these oil paintings are in harmonious accord and were chosen to inspire calm and prayerful meditation.'

Backdrop to the Statue of Our Lady

Description by the artist, Vicki Crowley:
'The backdrop to the statue of Our Lady in the Sacred Heart Church in Westside, Galway, has been painted to complement the backdrop to the Tabernacle on the opposite side of the main wall of the Church.
At the top of the main panel, a halo radiates golden light and brings brightness to the subject. To the left and right of the panel, sprays of flowers grow upwards, catching the halo's golden light. The lilies represent the purity of Our Lady and the white doves that fly above them symbolize peace and love.'