3 June 2016

Mass intentions for the week ahead 5th June 2016

Saturday 4th June
Vigil Mass    5.30 pm  1.  Bertie Collins
                                     2.  Kathleen O'Neill

Sunday 5th June
10.00 am

11.30 am  1.  Edmund and Raymond Toner
                 2.  Paddy O'Neill and deceased members of  O'Neill family.

Monday 6th June
10am   Special Intention
Tuesday 7th June
10am    1.   Sick
             2.   Stephen Nee
Wednesday 8th June    Special Intentions
Thursday 9th June
Friday 10th June

Saturday 11th June
Vigil Mass   5.30 pm  1.  Catherine and John Deeney
                                    2.  Derek Lee
                                    3.  Jimmy Geraghty

Sunday 12th June
10.00 am     Jean, Richard and Sarah Devlin

11.30 am     1.  Peter, Margaret and Timmy Joyce
                    2.  Ann Mitchell

2.30 pm       Indian Community Mass.