24 June 2016

Mass intentions for the week ahead 26th June 2016

Saturday 25th June
Vigil Mass    5.30 pm  1.   Angela Feeney and deceased members of Murphy and
                                        Carpenter families.
                                   2.  Liam McKnight
Sunday 26th June
10.00 am 1.  Mickey Sullivan and Ronnie Murray
                2.  Mary and Paddy Lenihan and Dorrie Ryan

11.30 am  1.  Bridie O'Donohue (Months Mind Mass)
                 2.  Stephen Griffin.

Monday 27th June
10am  Willie Mongan, living and deceased members of Ward and Mongan families.
Tuesday 28th June
10am   For all the Sick
Wednesday 29th June
10am    John and Carmel Mitchell
Thursday 30th June
Friday 1st July
10am  Bernie Holland and Mary Broderick recently deceased.

Saturday 2nd July
Vigil Mass    5.30 pm   1.  Pauric Coughlan (Months Mind Mass)
                                    2.  William Ward
                                    3.  Paddy Mannion

Sunday 3rd July
10.00 am

11.30 am   1.  Victor Crawley
                  2.  Sean Stokes
                  3.  Delia Delaney