30 October 2015

Mass intentions for the week ahead 1st November 2015.

Saturday 31st October
Vigil Mass              5.30 pm     Brid O'Loughlin

Sunday 1st November     All Saints Day
10.00 am        Therese O'Brien

11.30 am        1.  Kate Ward
                       2.  Ted & Bridie Conneely & Esther Francis
                       3.  Deceased members of Codyre & Duffy families.

2.30 pm          Indian Community

Monday 2nd November   All Souls Day
10.00 am       Novena
Tuesday 3rd November
10.00 am       Novena and Sick
Wednesday 4th November
10am   Novena
Thursday 5th November
10am    Novena
Friday 6th November
10am   Novena

Saturday 7th November
Vigil Mass     5.30 pm   1.  Novena Mass for all those who died in our Parish over the past year
                                       2.  Mary MacDonagh  (Months Mind Mass)

Sunday 8th November
10.00 am     Novena

11.30 am     1.   Shirley Maher
                    2.   Terry Colohan
                    3.   Martin McDonagh  (Months Mind Mass)