16 October 2015

Mass intentions for the week ahead 18th October 2015.

Saturday 17th October
Vigil Mass    5.30 pm  1.  John and Catherine Deeney
                                     2.  Bernard Concar, John and Brid Conneely
                                     3.  Matt, Bridget and Michael Barrett

Sunday 18th October
10.00 am    1.  Suzanne Tierney, Paddy Kilroy and deceased members of Kilroy and Tierney families.
                   2.  James Duffy
11.30 am    1.   John and Barry Wade and deceased members of Hehir and Wade families.
                   2.  Tom, Chris and Thomas Coughlan and deceased members of Larkin and
                         Costello families.
                   3.   Francie McDonagh and his uncle John Sweeney

2.30 pm      Indian Community Mass

Monday 19th October
Tuesday 20th October
10 am    1     Sick
              2     Tom Corcoran, living and deceased members of Corcoran and Mongan families
              3.    Honor Naughton and Margaret McNamee and deceased members of Welby family
Wednesday 21st October
Thursday 22nd October
10am    Joseph and Josephine O'Rourke and deceased members of O'Rourke family
Friday 23rd October
10am     Paul Craughwell

Saturday 24th October
Vigil Mass     5.30 pm  1.   Paddy Curran and deceased members of Curran family
                                      2.   Geraldine Silke  (1st Anv)

Sunday 25th October
10.00 am  Kathleen Ward

11.30 am    1.  Teresa Cubbard
                   2.  Martin Ryan