25 September 2015

Mass intentions for the week ahead 27th September 2015.

Saturday 26th September
Vigil Mass     5.30 pm  1.  Deceased members of Hoare and Costello families
                                      2.  Mickey Costello
                                      3.  Padraig Higgins, Gary Dillon and Michael Larkin
                                           and deceased members of Higgins & Murphy families.

Sunday 27th September
10.00 am  1.  Aidan Rafferty
                 2.  Nora & Martin Flaherty and deceased members of Flaherty family

11.30 am  1.  Sean Lydon, Highfield Park   (Months Mind Mass)
                 2.  Tim & Eileen Tierney
                 3.  John and Margaret Berry
                 4.  Frank Duffy

Monday 28th September
10.00 am     Christy McGuinn & Peter McGuinn
Tuesday 29th September
10.00 am     1.  Sick and 2.  Margaret, James, Owen and Anne Maughan
Wednesday 30th September
10.00 am     Special Intention
Thursday 1st October
10.00 am
Friday 2nd October
10.00 am    Michael Mongan

Saturday 3rd October
Vigil Mass   5.30 p.m.    Bartley Fahy

Sunday 4th October
10.00 am     Murt Hynes

11.30 am     1.   Mick Horan
                    2.   Joseph, Una and Leo Smyth.