10 March 2012

Catholicism Series on Wednesday: The Church

Watch the preview of this week's episode:

This coming Wednesday, March 14th 2012, here at Sacred Heart Church, we will have our weekly Lenten screening of the Catholicism Series with Fr Robert Barron. This week's episode will be on the Church, entitled 'The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church: A Body both Suffering and Glorious'.

Fr Robert faces the issue of sin by Church members and the scandals that have caused so much suffering. He explains how the Church is a sacrament of Christ. We'll see the life story of Pope John Paul II and we'll find out what it means to say that the Church is one, holy, Catholic and apostolic. Fr Robert also explains the ideas of infallibility, apostolic succession, development of doctrine and the relationship between the Church and the Eucharist.

Again we'll tour around the world and get to visit Rome, Paris, Krakow and Manila.
Those who have attended our screenings so far have been very pleased with these videos. You don't have to have seen the others to come to this one. Each can be viewed on its own.

After this Wednesday, we'll have two episodes remaining:

Wednesday, March 21st - The Saints
Wednesday, March 28th - Prayer