27 February 2012

Screening of the Catholicism Series at Sacred Heart Church

Last Wednesday's evening's screening of the first episode of the Catholicism series was very well  received and those who attended were very impressed. Here's another series promotion clip:

The screenings continue during the Wednesdays of Lent at 8.15pm.

Here is the list of topics for the episodes in the weeks ahead:

Week 2:  Wednesday, 29th February 2012: The Eucharist

Week 3:  Wednesday, 7th March 2012: Mary

Week 4: Wednesday, 14th March 2012: The Church

Week 5: Wednesday, 21st March 2012: The Saints

Week 6: Wednesday, 28th March 2012: Prayer

Week 2: The Eucharist
Word Made Flesh, True Bread of Heaven:
The Mystery of the Liturgy and the Eucharist

In this year of the Eucharistic Congress in Ireland, our video series is meant to help us deepen our faith in the Eucharist and this episode is specifically about the Mass. Fr Robert Barron takes us through the different parts of the Mass so that we can fully appreciate the meaning of each part. He also explains the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. We get a sense of just how much the Eucharist unites us with Christ as well as with our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world as we visit Paris, Calcutta, Uganda, New York, the Philippines, Chartres, Mexico, Lourdes, Chicago, Athens, Rome and Orvieto, and we’ll see Mass being celebrated in many of these places.

A trailer for this week's episode can be seen here:

Join us at Sacred Heart Church for this important reflection on the Eucharist this Wednesday, 29th February 2012 at 8.15pm.