18 February 2012

First Episode of the Catholicism Series: Ash Wednesday at 8.15pm

Week 1: The Holy Land and the Story of Jesus

In the first episode of the Catholicism series, Fr Robert Barron travels around the Holy Land tracing the story of Jesus as told in the Bible. Our Catholic faith is rooted in this story, the revelation of God become man. The screening will take place at Sacred Heart Church on Ash Wednesday evening at 8.15pm. This first episode lasts 50 minutes. There is no charge. It will set the tone in terms of the beautiful filming of scenery, providing an inspiring backdrop to Fr Barron's fine teaching on our faith.
This episode will be like a free pilgrimage to the Holy Land for us as we visit the place of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, his public ministry around the Sea of Galilee, and his passion, death, Resurrection in Jerusalem, as well as other locations.

We will have individual trailers for the episodes over the coming weeks. The first is a general introduction to the series with some reference to this first episode: