21 April 2017

Mass intentions for the week ahead 23rd April 2017.

Saturday 22nd April
Vigil Mass  :   5.30 pm  1.   Matthew McCarthy (Months Mind Mass)
                                       2.   Michael Doherty (Months Mind Mass)
                                       3.   Keith Moloney (1st Anv)

Sunday 23rd April
10.00  am   Marty Lee

11.30 am    Celebration Mass for Fr. Kevin's Silver Jubilee of Ordination

Monday 24th April
10 am  John Mongan, living and deceased members of  Mongan and Ward families.
Tuesday 25th April
10 am    1.   Sick
              2.  Tom Nolan
Wednesday 26th April
10am  Bridget and Bill Hynes
Thursday 27th April
10am  Martin Forde
Friday 28th April
10am   Margaret Lydon.

Saturday 29th April
Vigil Mass   :   5.30 pm   1.   Rose, David and Peter Hopkins
                                         2.  Rita O'Connor (Coogan Park)
Sunday 30th April
10.00 am

11.30 am   1.  Bernadette O'Reilly
                  2.Claire McBride (nee Geraghty, Costello Rd., Shantalla) recently deceased