11 November 2016

mass intentions for the week ahead 13th November 2016.

Saturday 12th November
Vigil Mass:   5.30 pm  1.   Patrick Francis
                                     2.   Evelyn Timothy (1st Anv)
                                     3.   Ingrida Grigaliunite
Sunday 13th November
10.00 am  Deceased members of Tierney/Kilroy families.
11.30 am  1.  Deceased members of Codyre and Duffy families
                 2.  Shirley Maher
                 3.  Joh, Nora and Johnny Brennan and deceased members of Brennan famly

Monday 14th November  10am  1.  Holy Souls and 2.  Padraig O'Neill
Tuesday 15th November  10am  Sick
Wednesday 16th November   10am  Holy Souls
Thursday 17th November  
Friday 18th November    10am   Mary Kate O'Connor

Saturday 19th November
Vigil Mass :   5.30 pm
1.  John and Freda Moran and their sons Patsy and Wilfred.
2.  Frank Mahon (recently deceased - late of Galway and Derry)
3.  Sean Tedders

Sunday 20th November  Feast of Christ the King
10.00 am   1.  Shane Rabbitt
                  2.  Pat and Agnes Burke and deceased members of Burke family
                  3.  Sean Tedders

11.30 am   1.  Willie Noone
                  2.  Willie and Michael Creane
                  3.  Patricia Murphy
                  4.  May, Dan and Danny Carr

2.30 pm     Indian Community Mass