7 September 2016

Mass intentions for the week ahead 4th September 2016

Saturday 3rd September
Vigil Mass :   5.30 pm   1.  Stephen Burke
                                       2.  Sybil, Peter and Desmond Ryan
sunday 4th September
10.00 am   Noel Hession (Months Mind Mass)
11.30 am   1.  Walter O'Flaherty (Months Mind Mass)
                  2.  Andrew halloran and 3.  P.J. Murray
Monday 5th September
10am  Charlie Ward (birthday remembrance)
Tuesday 6th September
10am   For all the Sick
Wednesday 7th September
10am  1.  Nellie Gurry and Joe and Terry Gurry
           2.  David Quin
Thursday 8th September
Friday 9th September

Saturday 10th September
Vigil Mass 5.30 pm  1.  Denis, Kevin and to O'Brien
                                  2.  Thomas and Maureen Walsh, son Alfred and Ray Maloney
Sunday 11th September
10.00 am  1.  Nora Whelan and 2. William J. Silke

11.30 am  1.  Willie Corcoran, Thomas and Bridget McDonagh
                 2.  Statia Grehan and 3.   Mickey Costello

3.00 pm    Cemetery Sunday in Rahoon Cemetery.