15 April 2016

Mass intnentions for the week ahead 17th April, 2016

Saturday 16th April
Vigil Mass:    5.30 pm  1.  Mary and Joseph Quirke
                                      2.  Ena Carolan and Joe and Maureen O'Toole
                                      3.  Desmond Donovan

Sunday 17th April
10.00 am  Barbara and Stephen McDonagh
11.30am   1.  Gerard Francis and his grandparents Margaret and Patrick Conway
                 2.  Bridget Joyce

2.30 pm    Indian Community Mass

Monday 18th April 
10am  Eddie, Mary and Paddy Moore-Faherty and deceased members of Welby family
Tuesday 19th April
10am  Sick
Wednesday 20th April
10am  Charlie Ward
Thursday 21st April
10am   Bridget Powell
Friday 22nd April
10am  1.  Bridget and Bill Hynes
           2.  Jacquline Allen and Des Fitzpatrick who died recently.

Saturday 23rd April
V igil Mass    5.30 pm   Michael Foley

Sunday 24th April
10.00am           Marty Lee

11.30 am          1.   Bernadette O'Reilly
                         2.   Donal Fahy
                         3.   John Mongan, living and deceased members of Mongan and
                               Ward families.