29 January 2016

Mass intentions for the week ahead 31st January 2016

Saturday 30th January
Vigil Mass   5.30 pm  1.  Paddy Johnston
                                    2.  Mary Egan and Anthony Fahy
                                    3.  Michael Tarpey, Margaret Feeney and Hazel and Tayna Tarpey
Sunday 31st January
10.00 am   Noel Lennon  (Months Mind Mass)

11.30 am   1.  Helen Silke-McNamara (Months Mind Mass)
                  2.  Bernard McDonagh and Brian McDonagh
                  3.  Annie Creane and Bill Keane (birthday remembrance)
                  4.  Padge and Cathy Cooke

Monday 1st February  St Bridgets
10am  Helen Silke
Tuesday 2nd February  Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas Day)
Wednesday 3rd February   St Blaise
10am  Florrie Bowden
Thursday 4th February
Friday 5th February

Saturday 6th February
Vigil Mass    5.30 pm    Sean Forde

Sunday 7th February
10.00 am       Rita Boland

11.30 am      1.   Maura Hoade
                     2.  Rita Dolan
                     3.  Michael Creaven
                     4.  Thomas Anderson