3 July 2015

Mass intentions for the week ahead 4th July 2015.

Saturday 4th July
Vigil Mass    5.30 pm  1.  William Lambe, Kate and John Walsh and Alice Dunphy
                                     2.  William Ward (1st Anv)
                                     Pray for Padraig O'Neill at all Masses this weekend.

Sunday 5th July
10.00 am  Bridgie Canning

11.30 am  1.  Kathleen & Edward Diviney
                 2.  Sean Stokes
                 3.  Molly Cleary

Monday 6th July   10am
Tuesday 7th July   10am
Wednesday 8th July   10am
Thursday 9th July       10am
Friday 10th July          10am

Saturday 11th July
Vigil Mass     5.30 pm  1.  Gerard Garvey
                                      2.  Peter Griffin
                                      3.  Sr. Laboure Curran (1st Anv)

Sunday 12th July

10.00 am       Michael James Maughan

11.30 am  1.  Vincent and Bridie and Sean Tedders

                 2.  Maura Gaffney  (1st Anv)