28 February 2014

Mass intentions for the week ahead 2nd March 2014

Saturday 1st March
Vigil Mass     5.30 pm  John and Mary Connolly and deceased members of Connolly family.

Sunday 2nd March
10am          Intention free
11.30 am    Mary Murphy

Monday 3rd March
10am   Deceased members of Toolan family
Tuesday 4th March
10am       For all the Sick
Wednesday 5th March    Ash Wednesday
10am    1.   Eamon Corban and 2. William Powell
Thursday 6th March
10am     1.  Joseph, Nora and Tony Gray
             2.   Witold  (Vetold)
Friday 7th March
10am   Mary Wims and deceased members of Wims family.

Saturday 8th March
Vigil Mass    5.30 pm   1.  Tom and Ethel Whelan and Bernard Cooke (birthday remembrance)
                                      2.   Bridie and Peter Coyne
                                      3.    Aidan Foley (1st Anv).

Sunday 9th March
10.00 am    Maura Curley  (Months Mind Mass)
11.30 am    1.  Eamon Corban
                   2.  Michael Creaven  (Months Mind Mass)