21 June 2013

Saturday 22nd June
Vigil Mass     6.30 pm  Mary Francis (Months Mind Mass) and Michael Francis
                                   and baby Michael Joseph
Sunday 23rd June
9.30 am     Peter Cooke
11am         William O'Connor
12.15 pm   1.  Stephen Griffin
                 2.  Gillian Moloney Boxce (Boxie)
6.30 pm    Liam McKnight

Monday   24th June          10am  Bob Harrington
Tuesday   25th June          10am  Sick
Wednesday  26th June     10am  Mickey Sullivan and Ronnie Murray
Thursday 27th June          10am  Living and deceased members of Mongan and Ward families.
Friday   28th June             10am  Intention free

Saturday 29th June
Vigil Mass           6.30 pm  1.  Nicholas Conneely and 2.  Margaret and Anthony Lynch.

Sunday 30th June
9.30 am       Paddy and Mary Lenihan
11am           Delia Delaney
12.15 pm    Patrick and Mary Guerin
6.30 pm      Baby James Christopher Sherlock  (Months Mind Mass)