14 September 2012

Mass intentions for the week ahead 16th September 2012

Saturday 15th September  Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
                      11.00 am  Fred Hanley and deceased members of the family.
Vigil Mass       6.30 pm  1. Denis O'Brien 2. Brodie Joyce and
                                      3. rememberance mass for Matthew Kyne
Sunday 16th September
9.30 am  1. Mary Brodie and 2. Ronnie Conlon
11am      1.  Matilda and Johnny Jennings and 2. Statia Grehan
12.15 pm    1. Mickey Costello and 2.  John Miller.

3.00 pm      Mass in Rahoon Cemetery

3.30 pm      Indian Community Mass
6.30 pm      Deceased members of the Costello and Hoare families.

Monday 17th September
10am  Michael and Maisie Sherlock and Mary Newell
Tuesday 18th September
10am  For all the Sick and David McDowell and deceased members of the family
Wednesday 19th September
10am  Paddy Boyle
Thursday 20th September
10am  Charlie Ward
Friday 21st September
10am  Tom Sherlock

Saturday 22nd September
Vigil Mass   6.30 pm  John and Margaret Berry and 2.  Della Hynes

Sunday 23rd September
9.30 am    Aidan Rafferty
11am        1. William Creane and 2. Nora Flaherty and deceased members of Madden family
12.15 pm  Frank Duffy and 2. Teresa Cubbard
6.30 pm    Terry and Jackie Lyons